2012 Conference

'Setting the Standard'

Friday May 18 - Sat May 19, 2012

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Highlights include:

Mental health impact of abortion

Men and Abortion: Reclaiming Fatherhood

Showcasing education in schools

Pregnancy Care Network

Keynote Speakers

Dr Priscilla Coleman

Dr. Coleman is an Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Bowling Green State University. A major concentration of her research has been the psychological outcomes among women who have experienced abortion. Additional research has focused on mother-child interaction, attachment, and the development of competency beliefs across the transition to parenting. She has published numerous articles in psychology and medical journals and has presented her research to national and international audiences.

Greg Hasek

Gregory Hasek is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Portland, Oregon and a professor in the graduate counseling program at George Fox University. He is also the executive director of a Christian non-profit agency called Misty Mountain Family Counseling Center. Mr. Hasek has spoken at numerous conferences and has provided training on how to understand and treat the unique symptoms of men wounded by “Lost Fatherhood” due to an abortion decision. In 2005, he organized the first ever Men’s Summit in Kansas City to specifically address how abortion impacts men. Since then he has been instrumental in helping develop the Men and Abortion Network, which is a national organization with a mission to create both awareness and healing for men who have lost a child due to abortion. He was one of the featured speakers at “Reclaiming Fatherhood,” an International Conference on Men and Abortion, which took place in San Francisco in 2007 and Chicago in 2008. He recently spoke at the Healing Vision conference in 2011, which was an international conference that brought together experts in the field of how abortion affects men and women.

Mr. Hasek has presented on topics that include: Unresolved Trauma and the Gender Divide: Maintaining the Cycle of Abortion in our Culture, Analyzing the Acceptance of Abortion in our Culture Through the Lens of Psychological Theory, Unrecognized/Unresolved Post Abortion Grief in Males and the Link to Sexual Addiction, Father/Fatherhood Wounds and Attachment Disorders Among Men and The Secret Destroyer of Marriage: Unresolved Abortion Related Trauma Within the Marital Relationship. In addition to speaking, he has published articles and appeared on television and radio programs around the country discussing these issues.

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