Preliminary Program

Friday 18th May

8.30 - 9am  Arrival and Registration

Morning Keynote:   Dr Priscilla Coleman

'The Psychology of Abortion: Addressing Critical Questions to Maximize Women's Health in 2012

Lynne Pezzullo

Developing Best Practice guidelines for cost-of-illness studies'

Afternoon Keynote: Mr Gregory Hasek 

'Unmasking the Hidden Effects of Abortion on Men'

Mr Paul O'Rourke

'For Kids Sake'  Why this report is vital to the future'

Debbie Garratt

'Responsibility, Accountability and Standards,                                the benefit to workers'

Saturday 19th May

8.30 - 9am  Arrival

Morning Keynote: Mr Gregory Hasek

'Attachment and Road to Intimacy: The Healing Journey for Post Abortion Men

Jane Power

'Sex Success:  Youth Education in Action'

Afternoon Keynote: Dr Priscilla Coleman

'Reproductive Outcomes and Mortality: Debunking the Myth that Abortion is Safer than Childbirth

Catherine Cooney

'Best Practise in Centres'

Q&A panel