Real Choices Australia (RCA) was established in 2007 to meet an identified gap in the market for professional education and training around reproductive health issues and the support needs of women experiencing challenging circumstances during pregnancy and the early parenting period. 

We are specifically concerned about issues surrounding informed consent, particularly in relation to the adverse effects of some reproductive health decisions and the coercion toward pregnancy termination, both overt and subtle, that exists when we fail to meet the real needs of women.  

Over recent years we have broadened our discussion to include issues such as artificial reproductive technologies where women's desires for children are exploited for profit, with seemingly little regard for their physical or psychological well-being, or for the impact on the resultant children.   We also work to provide a voice to women (and men) who have experienced pregnancy termination as a negative impact on their lives.  We greatly value the contribution of the lived experiences of women in our communities and always aim to ensure that our research and commentary speaks to their lives.

We meet our aims through the conduct and dissemination of research and fact sheets, development of professional education packages, conferences, speaking engagements, both nationally and internationally and consultation and networking with professional groups. We have a strong research and evidence based focus and have strong relationships with a range of national and international researchers.

On our pages you will find research papers, statistics compiled from government reports, commentary on reproductive issues as they present in the media, all of which is aimed at creating a more informed community.

Governed by a Board of Directors with professional backgrounds in health, research,  counselling, education and management, we are able to meet the professional and educational needs of all professional groups.


PLEASE NOTE:  We are not a lobby or activist group.  We have no religious or political affiliation.