Board of Directors


Catherine Cooney

Lynne Pezzullo

John Garratt

Jane Power

Debbie Garratt Catherine Cooney Lynne Pezzullo John Garratt Jane Power Priscilla Coleman

Executive Director, Debbie Garratt

is a health professional with extensive experience in the development of training courses in adult education and counselling. Debbie speaks both nationally and internationally on relationships, education and health issues.

Debbie has direct experience in the provision of professional services in sexuality, health and relationship support and education to youth, women, and men, and has the unique advantage of understanding the perspectives of the needs of both the client and the service provider.

Debbie is committed to the provision of quality, professional service, delivered with both compassion and respect for the unique needs of the individual.

Catherine Cooney

has worked in direct service provision for women in crisis pregnancy for more than a decade.

Catherine brings to Real Choices a wealth of experience and knowledge in the establishment and management of services, particularly residential and outreach service provision.

Catherine has many years of experience in the education sector, developing and delivering training to industry and communities.

She has a particular interest in issues impacting adolescent mental health.

Lynne Pezzullo

is a Director with Deloitte Access Economics, heading the health economics group, with special interest in women’s health, mental health and rural health.

Prior to this, Lynne worked for over ten years in policy formulation areas of the Commonwealth public service. Lynne is an ABC spokesperson on health economics matters, a reviewer for the Medical Journal of Australia, and author of numerous published articles and reports in the health economics field.

John Garratt

has worked in governance of not‐for‐profit community based organisations for more than 20 years, bringing with him a wealth of management and business experience.

His experience as a health professional, and his work in advocacy and education with individuals and families with disabilities provides valuable skills to Real Choices Australia.

Jane Power

has been involved in crisis pregnancy counselling more than 20 years. After many years of listening to the stories of young people in the counselling room, it became obvious there was a need for a more preventative approach to the problem of teen pregnancy and sexual health. Jane developed ‘Choices, Decisions, Outcomes’, an innovative value based education program for adolescents encouraging responsible decision making regarding sexuality.

This program has been successfully delivered to tens of thousands of young people in Australian secondary schools and is now owned by Real Choices Australia. Jane’s experience over more than a decade of delivering and refining this program, ensure her valuable expertise in knowing what concerns young people and how to reach them most effectively.

Priscilla Coleman

Dr. Coleman is an Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Studies at Bowling Green State University. She is a Director of WeCareExperts, an international organisation which provides access to scientific research on abortion. A major concentration of her research has been the psychological outcomes among women who have experienced abortion. Additional research has focused on mother-child interaction, attachment, and the development of competency beliefs across the transition to parenting. She has published numerous articles in psychology and medical journals and has presented her research to national and international audiences.