Abortion: Ideology, Reality and The Rhetoric of Choice


Offering an insightful exposé which challenges the nature of abortion discourse

Due For Release in 2016

Interwoven with contemporary stories of women and their abortion decisions, this unique publication challenges the misinformation and misunderstandings surrounding abortion. It explores the impact of ideology on reinforcing abortion as a normal and acceptable solution, despite it rarely addressing the real unmet needs of women. Author Deborah Garratt uses her ability to analyse perspectives from varying points of the ideological spectrum to present a comprehensive yet succinct publication – factual, highly readable, not-to-be missed!



“I’m so sick of being told how I should or shouldn’t feel about my abortion. I remember being told I might feel a bit teary for a week or 2 but that would be normal, then I’d just be relieved like everyone else . . . So I buried the lot for 5 years. . . It’s supposed to be this common cool thing to do . . .Turns out I’m not the only one who still felt like crap.”