Frequently Asked Questions

Over almost a decade, there are some questions that crop up more than others.  Because one of the services we provide is education and information about unintended pregnancy and abortion, people often want to know what our ideological position is.  Ideological positioning is not something we are interested in, and in fact our blog is mainly devoted to trying to break down ideological arguments and concerns in order to address the real issues.

We welcome your questions and are pleased to provide answers to some of them below.  If you have any others, please let us know.

What is your primary purpose?

Our primary purpose is to contribute to a culture that supports, educates and informs women to reach their best potential, without them having to make untenable choices between a desire to parent and a desire to reach their  goals.  We do this through education about reproductive health issues to the general community and the professional sector.

We liaise with politicians and health professionals about the needs of women in challenging circumstances when pregnant or parenting, regardless of whether they may have considered abortion or not.

We also provide a platform for women who have had negative experiences during or following an abortion experience and now want their voices heard.


But if you're talking about abortion, aren't you just trying to remove women's rights?

Actually, we are working to enhance women's rights through access to information and genuine support.  With regard to education around pregnancy termination, the most common finding in any of the literature is that the vast majority (>95%) of women have a termination for psycho-social reasons.  These reasons include not having enough money, feeling unsupported, concerns about career or education.  We believe that solutions to these kinds of concerns for women need to include ways to reduce their negative circumstances, including economic support, flexible work and education options, housing etc.   When women feel like they have no alternative but abortion, that is not about 'choice' it is about making the best decision from some equally terrible options.


Why do you just talk about the negatives of abortion and not the positives?

There is no evidence that abortion enhances women's health, yet we know it can negatively impact it, so ensuring women have this information is essential.  We educate on the potential adverse psychological impact of abortion for which there is a substantial body of international evidence, but about which women are rarely informed.  We believe women have the right to fully understand the risks of abortion, and that they be given enough time to explore all the supports available to them.


Are you a religious group?

No we are not.  We do however acknowledge that religion or spirituality is a significant part of life for many people and this shouldn't be ignored when a woman is decision making about pregnancy, or any other important life decision.  It is important to work within whatever spiritual or cultural framework is important to women, not tell them that their beliefs of values don't matter.