Women and men seeking assisted reproductive technologies (ART) due to infertility have the right to accurate information about physical and psychological risks as well as outcomes.


Understanding success and failure rates in assisted reproductive technologies can be challenging, however it is important in terms of making informed decisions about treatments.   A comprehensive study of pregnancy and birth outcomes in 2010 showed that of 61,774 treatment cycles of ART (30,588 women), there were 14,763 pregnancies and 12,056 liveborn babies.  Age was significant in determining live delivery rate, with younger women aged 30-34 having a delivery rate of 21.8% - 26.8% compared to women over 44 being less than 1% to 8.4%.

Assisted reproductive technology in Australia and New Zealand 2012


Report on Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Australia and New Zealand, 2012.

This report provides statistical data on the number of treatment cycles undertaken and the number of successful pregnancies and births.


2013 Victorian ARTA Anuual Report

Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority Report

Provides outcome information for specific treatment centres throughout Victoria







A valuable study guide on the legal, medical and ethical questions surrounding third party reproduction







This report produced by the Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority provides valuable information about the type and incidence of adverse effects of fertility treatments.





New evidence shows an increase in the incidence of stillbirth in from assisted reproductive methods.