Just wanted to say thanks...

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the opportunity to take part in the pregnancy support training through Real Choices and with the support of  the  St Josephs parish, Leeton. I have been able to use the frame-work in my work and have found this most useful as the training is wholistic and practical. I am uncertain if outcomes have been altered, but I feel better equiped, as a worker, to  address underlying issues with clients and hopefully present a more human approach!.


Thanks for keeping us up do date...

Thanks for keeping us up do date with the latest research.   There always seems to be so much for us to do here that it’s nice to know you guys sort check it all out for us to ensure accuracy and we can count on it!



Your Information was Inspiring!

Thanks soooo much for coming out to our community to give a talk , and for how available you have been to support us since! We had so many people there who really had no idea how devastating abortion could be on women and families and we are so inspired to work toward building resources.